equinoxe joins the SuperByte 2014 main stage line up!

equinoxe is a pseudonym for Liam Fretwell – an electronic musician and producer from Yorkshire, UK. Having started by programming music in BASIC on the C64, Liam progressed through making tracker sequences on octaMED on the Amiga before finally finding MIDI programming on PC in the form of Cubase.

A collector of vintage computers and consoles, Liam was determined to unleash their musical potential one day and that day came when he wrote the track that would become ‘Evolution (8-Bit Girl)’ in 2007. It took 3 years and a lot of revisions before the track became what it is today. The use of a Commodore 64 on the track was almost an afterthought until Liam realised that’s where he has begun, and he was mixing those sounds with an up-to-date sound on his computer. Evolution refers to the evolution of the technology behind his music.

In 2010 Liam released ‘Evolution (8-Bit Girl)’ as an album, self published through his personal website. With the help of friends word soon got around the various C64 blogs, websites and newsgroups and reviews came in fast. A limited edition pressing of 50 CD’s sold out fast and the album is still selling a respectable amount of digital downloads as of 2014. 2014 sees the release of ‘Memories in 8-Bit’, the follow up to ‘Evolution…’ and already the buzz has started!


Official Website / SoundCloud / Twitter / Bandcamp

Jeroen Tel

The legendary Jeroen Tel will perform live at SuperByte 2014!

Jeroen Tel (aka WAVE) is best known for numerous computer game tunes he wrote in the 1980s and early 1990s for the Commodore 64, Tel is a founding member of the computer music group Maniacs of Noise alongside Charles Deenen who he met at computer meetings in Venlo, the Netherlands. He worked for several years at Funcom in Norway. In addition to being a video game musician he has composed numerous demoscene tracks and commercial works.

His most popular compositions appear in  Commodore 64 games such as: Combat Crazy, Cybernoid, Cybernoid II, Dan Dare 3, Eliminator, Hawkeye, Myth: History in the Making, Nighthunter, Robocop 3, Rubicon (title music), and Supremacy.


Maniacs of Noise Website / FaceBook / SoundCloud

Data Airlines will be at SB2014

We’re delighted to be working with Data Airlines, one of chipmusic’s most prominent record labels as part of SuperByte 2014.

As well as having a number of label artists already performing at the festival itself, they’ll be hosting a market area where they’ll have a wide range of music, merchandise and other items for sale. For more information, check out the label’s home page and be sure to say hello at SuperByte.


Alone will perform live at SuperByte 2014!

Retro games consoles filtered through digital delays and drum machines. Layered with guitars, some distortion and even a few words. Alone paints a post-something slice of hazy danceable sounds pulled from late night memories of virtual adventures.
Alone is James Reichelt, and is found in Cardiff, Wales.


Official Website / FaceBook / Twitter / SoundCloud / YouTube

Euan McKenzie

Euan McKenzie completes our 2014 visual artist lineup!

Euan McKenzie is a Visual Artist / Designer based in Glasgow, Scotland.

With a background in Sculpture and Environmental Art he creates installations and interactive environments with projected visuals.

His work ranges from minimalist organic forms and generative art to chaotic images sourced from glitch art, corrupted signals and 1980′s knitting catalogues. Euan likes bright lights, broken toys and talking about himself in the 3rd person.


Official Website / Vimeo