Just Days To Go

SuperByte 2014 is just days away, so we thought we’d make a bit on an update post by editting and bringing this one up to date.

Our final line up is right here, and we’re incredibly stoked at how many amazing local and international artists are playing this year.  We’ve just published our full schedule here, and we’re now confirming our last few market and expo people before adding them to the site. As ever, we’re working with a load of other organisations this year – some old friends, some new faces and we’re expecting this year’s SuperByte to be the best yet. Quite a goal after 2013, but we’re nothing if not ambitious!

The capacity of The Zoo is about 20% smaller than the capacity we set for Jabez Clegg last year (we had to move venues as our old one closed), so we’d definitely advise you to buy tickets in advance if you’re able to. Advance tickets will be available upto and including Thursday the 11th of September and they’ll cost more on the door (£35 for a weekend ticket or £20 for a day ticket). Any tickets bought between now and the main event will be held on the door for you to collect so please bring some ID along when picking these up.

If you’ve bought tickets already, you can save some time by collecting your wristband at the pre-party on Thursday.

Huge thanks to everyone who’s supported us so far. We’ll see you in a few days!

Anything Goes Podcast

Ady appeared on the Anything Goes podcast to talk about SuperByte and play some music. You can listen to it below. Much waffle, great music. ;-)

Fiona Ledgard presents The Anything Goes Breakfast Show SUPERBYTE SPECIAL!!! by Fiona Ledgard // All Fm 96.9 on Mixcloud

Teletext40 at SuperByte

Another fantastic last minute addition to SuperByte: Interactive Teletext Art workshops!

Remember when you had access to whole magazines on your television screen at the touch of a button? Quizzes hosted by pixellated presenters, cinema and TV listings, live football scores – teletext was the internet of its day. 

But wait, it isn’t dead quite yet! 

Dan Farrimond and Simon Rawles will be on hand to help you create your own teletext pages for broadcast on the web service Teletext40 to celebrate the medium’s 40th birthday. We will provide all the tools you need to make your very own version of BamberBoozler or those cartoons from Digitiser, just bring yourself and some added creative juices! Check them out here: Teletext40 and here: Teletext Art 

Nerdsynth at SuperByte

We’re stoked to confirm that the Nerdsynth will be making an appearance at SuperByte 2014!

The Nerdsynth is a new 8/16bit style synthesizer with a tracker user interface similar to LittleSoundDJ or the LittlePiggyTracker. It’s 6 audio tracks can be assigned to different real soundchips (like Commodores64s SID and others). Also there is a (at least 4 track) drum synthesizer with the ability to create enhanced drum sequences. Portability is the goal and it’s live mode and realtime assignable knobs make it stage compatible. There are many more features to come.

Not only will an early model of the Nerdsynth be played as part of the Open Stage, but the unit will be demonstrated and available to play with as part of our workshop programme.

For more information, check out the official website and come down on the day to have a go yourself.

Zero2Death Hosting Tournaments at SB2014

We’re happy to confirm a last minute addition to the SuperByte 2014 daytime activities – gaming tournaments hosted by Zero2Death!

Zero2Death are a relatively new team of competitive gaming event organisers based in Manchester. While they specialise mainly in the Smash Brothers series of games, they’ll be hosting a few informal tournaments on retro consoles at SuperByte 2014 on the Saturday afternoon. Visit their FaceBook page and throw them a ‘like’ to be kept up to date if you’re local to Manchester (or even if you’re not). Tournaments will take place in The Pub alongside our free-play gaming area hosted by RCM.