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DJ_Y4nni vs CDK

DJ_Y4nni and CDK will perform a back to back DJ set at SB13′s afterparty! Resident DJ at Manchester’s MegaByte club night and SuperByte veteran DJ_Y4nni goes head to head the  mastermind behind The Tin Foil Hat Brigade and Liverpool’s legendary chipmusic ‘net label CalmDownKidder; CDK. Revisiting a feud from last year; Y4nni still blames CDK for his […]


Manchester chip-scene stalwart SK8BIT will perform a special DJ set at SB13! SK8BIT is a regular on Manchester’s chip scene, whether playing out his own stuff or DJing.  Superbyte 2013 will mark a special ‘best of MegaByte‘ DJ set–expect something like Henry Homesweet’s essential mixes but with added J-pop, pop punk, rave classics and party […]


8GB will perform a very special Amiga DJ set at the SB13 after party! 8GB is an audiovisual producer and DJ from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Making music since 1994 and performing it live since 2004, his influences of Chicago House, classic Electro and Detroit Techno can be heard today in his sets and productions which […]