SuperByte is Here

SuperByte 2013 is this weekend! We’re stoked for what we’re hoping will be a truly legendary weekend and can’t wait to unleash our array of fantastic artists on Manchester. Already, before the event the amount of support we’ve felt from you guys has been truly amazing and we love you. Below the toilet you’ll find a few last minute bits of information about tickets/pre-party venues etc.


Don’t forget that our Pre-Party venue has now changed to Fab Cafe, so don’t pay any attention to the tickets or promo sent out so far (sorry, our old venue closed). You’ll be able to collect tickets and/or weekend wristbands at the pre-party on Thursday to save you having to queue on Friday evening. You’ll also be able to collect these any time from the venue’s box office – please bring ID to collect!

You can order tickets to collect via our e-shop until midnight Wednesday (leading into Thursday). Tickets will be on sale at the door (until we hit capacity) on both Friday and Saturday. They’ll be a few quid more expensive than buying them in advance.┬áIf you’ve pre-bought 2013 t-shirts you’ll be able to collect them from the festival merch stall.

Now that that’s all out the way – you had better be ready to party. See you at SuperByte!