8GB will perform a very special Amiga DJ set at the SB13 after party!


8GB is an audiovisual producer and DJ from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Making music since 1994 and performing it live since 2004, his influences of Chicago House, classic Electro and Detroit Techno can be heard today in his sets and productions which are loaded with rhythmic bass-driven, house-inspired, futuristic tunes that flirt with his inherent latin influences.

With a demoscene background and having performed in prestigious events around half of the planet, from New York to Amsterdam to Latvia to Japan, from tiny microparties to Blip Festivals, for 10 to 1000 people, 8GB “mixes the high frequency beeps of old computers with a good beat, minimal techno or house music that Dave Clarke would probably enjoy, with demonic beats sometimes almost equal to those of The Prodigy” (3VOOR12, Dutch music press).

At the SuperByte after-party, armed with just two Amiga computers and custom DJ software, he will take you on a voyage through the best Amiga dance music from the 90′s and early 2000′s, some of his own productions and MOD edits and remixes.


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