DJ_Y4nni vs CDK

DJ_Y4nni and CDK will perform a back to back DJ set at SB13′s afterparty!

DJ_Y4nni vs CDK

Resident DJ at Manchester’s MegaByte club night and SuperByte veteran DJ_Y4nni goes head to head the  mastermind behind The Tin Foil Hat Brigade and Liverpool’s legendary chipmusic ‘net label CalmDownKidder; CDK. Revisiting a feud from last year; Y4nni still blames CDK for his hangover all day at SuperByte 2012 after partying too hard at Chipfest the night before. These two chipmusic DJs take to the stage to settle their score once and for all… (and play lots of banging tunes in the process).


DJ_Yanni / CalmDownKidder

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