Pre-Party & Open Stage

Thursday 12th September: Fab Cafe // Manchester

After much demand in 2012, we’ll be hosting an Open Stage event & pre-party as part of SB13. We’re hosting an intimate warm up event & pre-party on Thursday 12th September 2013 (7pm to midnight).

This event is now held at the fabulous (see what we did there?) Fab Cafe in Manchester! Fab Cafe can be found at: 109 Portland Street, Manchester, M1 6DN

The pre-party is the perfect opportunity to meet and hang out with festival-goers and artists, listen to some awesome folks play the Open Stage and kick back before the full-on-party-rave of Friday and Saturday night. Entry to the pre-party is free with a weekend ticket and you can join the event on FaceBook here.

Open Stage

Applications for SuperByte 2013′s Open Stage have all been filled with an array of talented artists – this is going to be an amazing show. We’re happy to confirm that the following 12 artists will be performing -

Gampoy - “8Bit Artist from Austria. Inspired by Breakbeat, DnB, Dubstep and various other music-genres, Gampoy delivers a colourful palette of sounds. From chirpy high leads, to hypnotical thick basses, Gampoy combines these many things and makes them his Trademark. ”

Kezzie Beat – “Kezzie Beat has been absent from the chipmusic scene for several years now, after life got in the way of her passion. For quite a while she has been looking for an opportunity to get herself back in, to give herself no choice but to write again and reignite the fire. Maybe this could be the return of Kezzie and her hard hitting beats?”

Lazenbleep - “hacker, busker, chancer. currently rocking a diy robot suit with clocked lights and gameboy, portable soundsystem and inappropriate unsuspecting crowds :#”

Infotoxin - “Belfast game boy & mega drive musician making deep/meditative dubstep & bass. Influences: digital mystikz, quarta 330, kode 9, randy barracuda, plaid, silkie, etc.”

IRQ7 - “‘irq7′ is the latest pseudonym for a chipsound-artist who spent a lot of time with so called tracker-software on several computer-systems like the Commodore 64, Gameboy Classic, Amiga 500 and PC. Cheesy melodies and bumping beats are building dance-tracks for all the fans of retro-sounds.”

Baihu - “Formally known as Renegade Runner, keeper of the White Tiger and returning after a 3 year hiatus this Yorkshire valley born chip music chap rejected the typical UNCE style of chiptune normally associated with emo-haired artists of 2008 and instead fused square waves with satire in a unique comedic performance full of in-jokes catchy melodies and references to geek culture.”

RoccoW - “My name is Rocco Wouters, I live in the Netherlands and I’m visiting to attend SuperByte Festival with some fellow dutch chiptune buddies. I’m part of a collective of chip artists and organisers called EINDBAAS. I use LSDJ on a modded Gameboy Classic and have done around 40 live shows in the past two years.”


Skypope - “pseudo chiptune artist, professional slacker and part time rapper. Skypope makes wonky beats with different versions of nanoloop. He recently had his first performance at the Ultrachip festival open mic.”

King Keytan - “I make emotional music that has been dubbed “space-rock” about giant robots with LSDJ. I’ve played 2 of Glasgow’s 8 Bit Nights as well as Ultrachip Festival in Edinburgh this past May.”

Squaremad - “19 year producer and MS Paint enthusiast.”

The Laohu - “From Wisconsin, USA. Currently living in Glasgow, Scotland. 28, just had a baby. I chiprock hard. Guitar, vocals, LSDJ.”


There are just a few points we should tell you about the Open Stage:

  1. Each slot is 15 minutes long. There’ll be 12 of these available.
  2. We’ll randomly draw names of signed-up artists at the start of the night to determine which slot you’ll be given.
  3. There’ll be one stereo or jack input to a mixer or DI Box for you to use. You’re welcome to use your own sub-mixer if required, but with only five minute change over between sets you could be impacting on your performance time if you have a complex set up.
  4. Slots are first come first served. There’ll be details here on how to apply for a slot shortly.
  5. Have fun. That’s actually the most important rule.