We”ll be hosting workshops on the Saturday afternoon of SuperByte! Ever wanted to learn to produce your own micromusic or brush up on your existing techniques and knowledge? Here’s your chance to learn from some of the UK’s best micromusicians and visual artists.

Workshops confirmed so far:

Korg DS10 with HarleyLikesMusic


Learn the basics of the versatile & powerful Korg DS10 software for the Nintendo DS, as well as some tips and tricks from Sheffield’s DS10 master himself.

Atari DJing with STj; with gwEm


Maybe you’re a DJ dissatisfied with the usual hum-drum genres of tech house, and power trance? You want to mix on something new – not just a laptop or some poncy CD players? Maybe you never mixed or produced a tune in your in your life – but you still want a piece of the chiptune scene?

Maybe you’re stuck in on your estate, a dead end city job, or coked out on the international art scene – need a way to break out? Either way Atari DJing with STj is the answer, and that’s what you’ll learn all about at this workshop. LIVE THE DREAM!!

Building MIDI Interfaces for Retro Gaming Hardware, with Scrubber Fox


Using home-built modifications and circuit-bending techniques, it’s possible to take obsolete electronic equipment such video game consoles (SEGA, Nintendo, Atari, Commodore etc.) and repurpose them completely using MIDI interfaces. By turning them into audio-visual engines and using the existing sound and graphic chips within them, the hardware can be utilized as an “instrument” for avant-garde music and visual generation.

Scrubber Fox is an audiovisual artist and hardware bend-maker based in the North West. Join him for this workshop and learn how to make a MIDI interface for your favourite retro console! Please note this is a more advanced level workshop and some experience of electronics and midi programming will be required.

LSDJ with Comptroller


Arguably one of the cornerstones of modern chip music, the Little Sound DJ package lets you turn your Gameboy into a full functioning sequencer and music production platform. Join chipscene veteran Comptroller as he teaches you the essentials of this versatile software including some of his own tips, tricks and techniques.

You’ll need to sign up for workshops in advance. You can sign up for workshops by clicking here and using this externally hosted form.

Please note that for the LSDJ and DS10 workshops you’ll need to bring your own consoles/software.

Check out the Schedules page for the times of the workshops.