Dubmood (Marseilles, France)

Dubmood is a Swedish chip music producer ex-pat in Marseilles with roots in the pre-internet software piracy scene. Long-time member of the infamous Razor 1911, active since 1996 and considered somewhat of a style-originator and reference in the chip music community, Dubmood has brought mainstream popularity to the genre and inspired hordes of kids to bring out their Game Boys and shout 8bit on the internet. In 2004, dubmood left cyberspace to tour the world in different coalitions, founded Data Airlines and gained recognition as a popular producer and remixer. Dubmood’s music is best described as a dance floor-friendly fusion of 80s computer game music, IDM & Electro House with a lot of indie-rock & hip hop references.

Since 2011, to cope with the new sound of his Badlands EP trilogy, Dubmood has expanded the line-up and is now performing live together with Maskinoperatör on Drums and Gem Tos on Guitar and Vocals.

Links: Website / FaceBook /

Henry Homesweet (Norwich, UK)

Henry Homesweet is a micro-musician from the UK. He explores archaic technology to capture the raw waveforms of the 80′s in a bid to resurface creativity through limitation. He has performed at parties worldwide with his eclectic live sets, replacing DJ decks with Nintendo Gameboy’s & delivering Lo-Fi synchronized techno & electro fresh from the chips.

Links: Website / FaceBook / YouTube

Superpowerless (Leeds, UK)

Superpowerless is Oliver Hindle; an English Singer-Songwriter from Leeds, UK. He self produces music combining pop/rock songs with electronic sounds created using synthesizers, Virtual Studio Technology and circuit bent video game consoles such as Nintendo Game Boy, Commodore 64 and the Nintendo Entertainment System. Superpowerless was the hand selected winner of the 2009 MTV / Vodafone Fast Track competition. He is best known in chiptune and video game culture for playing chaotic live shows and for embracing a do it yourself ethic, self-producing his recordings and self-distributing them through online social networking channels.

Links: Website / FaceBook / YouTube

Chipzel (Strabane, Northern Ireland)

Chipzel is the alias of Niamh Houston, an independent Northern Irish chip-musician who indulges in the use of Gameboys to create energetic, melodic dance tracks. Through taking the original 8bit sound and manipulating it into something frantically hard-hitting, A real favourite at MegaByte’s monthly nights, Chipzel has played a number of high profile shows including Blip Festival NYC, ChipFest and GamePak. Chipzel has seen crowds of all ages turn to “raving loons”, taken right back to their days of retro gaming.

Links: FaceBook

DeadBeatBlast (Toronto, Canada)

One of Canada’s premier underground electronic acts, DEADBEATBLAST has been producing and performing music on Nintendo Game Boy and other various retro systems since 2007.

In addition to being a musician & DJ, he has also become widely renowned for his visual work, creating live video shows using improvised techniques such as circuit and data bending, as well as sampling via old computer hardware and cameras. His act is raw and powerful, he has performed nearly 100 shows to date, in several cities including Toronto, Montreal, and New York.

Links: Website / FaceBook / YouTube

HarleyLikesMusic (Sheffield, UK)

Sheffield’s master of the Nintendo DS, HarleyLikesMusic produces epic electro-party bass using just a console, a stylus and a lot of energy. Pushing the limits of the Korg DS10 software ever further, Harley’s energetic live performances, catchy hooks and pounding beats have impressed crowds both within the micromusic scene and beyond.

Links: Website / FaceBook / YouTube

B-Type (Sunderland, UK)

B-Type are the United Kingdoms foremost nerdcore band! A passion for live performance and a reputation for prolific online releases fuel this act. Known for their audience participation freestyle sessions, 8 bit beats mixed with live synths, energetic shows and sing-along chorus, B-Type is the most talked about rap outfit in Sunderland. B-Type have played across the UK and in the USA, sharing the stage with acts including, but not limited to, MC Frontalot, The Megas, Sound of Rum, and Alt-Track.

Links: FaceBook / YouTube / BandCamp

_ensnare_ (Leamington, UK)

_ensnare_ is the lo-fi alias of Paul “nervous_testpilot” Taylor, a man who proves you can never have too many silly names. Best known for his soundtrack to the award-winning indie computer game Frozen Synapse, Paul has also been a long-term member of the micromusic / chiptune / fakebit / whatever movement; performing at events as diverse as Microdisko Oslo and Marseilles’ MAIN#2 demoparty.

Expect warm housey bleeps and scorching melodies thundering out of an under-powered laptop.

Links: Website / FaceBook / YouTube

Fragile Chaos! (Edinburgh, UK)

Fragile Chaos likes to mash it up. This Scottish musician is well known for mixing all the best bits of his favourite electronic genres into high-energy, 8-bit-inspired tracks that have already scored him a number of high-profile live shows in his native Scotland, as well as radio airplay on no less than the BBC’s own ‘Introducing’ show.

We’re looking forward to hosting his Manchester debut and predict big things for Fragile Chaos.

Links: FaceBook / SoundCloud

X Critical Strike X (Middlesborough, UK)

X Critical Strike X produces and performs bouncy, feel good chiptunes and computer-game-soundtrack-style music on a Nintendo DS. 2011 saw him successfully releasing his Starfighter album and making his live debut in mainland Europe at 8BitHeroes in Belgium. 2012 is looking increasingly bright for X Critical Strike X.

Links: FaceBook / SoundCloud

Skin Walker (Manchester, UK)

Begun initially under the pseudonym of Thank Fuscia in the fall of late 2006, 8-bit music was always a slight musical interest to the artist we now know as Skin Walker, yet never an aspirational one.

Returning to the 8-bit scene in the build up to the summer of 2010, his ideas changed, and his take on music became more justified. With an early debut album under a new name released in May 2010 for free on Sociopath Recordings entitled ‘Berserker’, a new sound was created and never left behind and the sound of the 8-bit sound chip has never been heard any clearer.

Links: FaceBook / SoundCloud

DJ’s & VJ’s

LastKnight (Middlesbrough, UK)

Mr LastKnight promotes, DJs and VJs the North East’s excellent [8-Bit IceCream] National Geek Clubnights. With his eclectic mash up of geek anthems, party bass, 8bit bangers and silly hats; this guy never fails to get the crowd moving.

LastKnight has produced visuals for Ultrachip Festival, Sub Focus, [8-Bit IceCream] and 4th Bass as well as some horribly uncool people like Mr. Hudson – he is well known for throwing out fast paced, audio-reactive pixelated shapes that are perfect for getting those glosticks waving to and will bringing his unique brand of visual goodness to SuperByte as well as DJing at the after party.

Links: [8 Bit IceCream]

CalmDownKidder (Liverpool, UK)

Mr James Bentley, mastermind behind The Tin Foil Hat Brigade and Liverpool’s legendary chipmusic ‘net label CalmDownKidder shall be performing one of his high-energy DJ sets as part of our after party. Expect the finest chipmusic, 8 bit remixes and who-knows-what as we let Mr Bentley loose on an unsuspecting SuperByte.

Links: CalmDownKidder / YouTube

DJ_Y4nni (Liverpool, UK)

An unhealthy obsession with video games from a young age never did anyone any harm, right? Ask DJ_Y4nni if you don’t believe us; he’s worked on over fifty titles since 2007 as a tester (lucky git). Nowdays when he isn’t making his own video games, he breaks out the decks, and has DJ’d many places over the years including The Krazyhouse in Liverpool, Carling Weekend Leeds Festival and AnalogueTrash in Manchester.

DJ_Y4nni is repping Team MegaByte‘s DJ’s at SuperByte by bringing his own brand of off-kilter messed-up, 8 bit beats to the festival.

Links: FaceBook

Freecode (Collective) (Birmingham, UK)

Providing live visuals at SuperByte: Freecode. Freecode consists of four West Midlands-based artists: Alan Brooker (Laternist), Antonio Roberts (Hellocatfood), Leon Trimble (Chromatouch) and Jim Warrier (Minuek), combining diverse backgrounds in visual arts, VJing, glitch aesthetics and computer programming. The collective was formed in early 2011 through a shared desire to explore their interest in live, coded performance that places equal importance on both the audio and visual aspects

As a collective they have performed locally at Fierce Festival, Espirito Brum, Network Music Festival, Millennium Point and the MAC. Individually, members of Freecode have performed on a national and international level, at events including Glastonbury Festival, Shambala, Supersonic Festival, Moseley Folk, Global Gathering, The Big Chill, Flatpack Festival, Laptops Meet Musicians Festival in Venice and GLI.TC/H in Chicago

Freecode’s networked performances are immersive experiences that combine hacked electronics, custom programmed software, wireless controllers, projection-mapped generative images and digitally created sounds. The interaction between the performers is just as important as the results however and what makes Freecode exciting is the live sharing of data, sound and images between members during performances, pushing notions of improvisation.

Links: Tumblr / FaceBook