Bit Shifter

Our final artist announcement for SuperByte 2014 – Bit Shifter will perform on SuperByte’s main stage!

Photo by and © Aja Pilapil, Ajapopfilms.

New, unusual. Hear songs and see performances by self-professed “musician” holding small white video game consoles. All the rage. Harsh, annoying. “This is gaoing to blaow ahp,” says Mr. M. McLaren of Paris, France. Exciting new movement. You better tune in now. Otherwise in ten years everyone will trading stories, and then won’t you feel left out. Staring into your drink, wishing you had something to say. We’ve all been there. Now’s your chance to change all of that.

Curious new music. A startling and innovative step backwards in technology. What will they think of next?


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