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Teletext40 at SuperByte

Another fantastic last minute addition to SuperByte: Interactive Teletext Art workshops!

Remember when you had access to whole magazines on your television screen at the touch of a button? Quizzes hosted by pixellated presenters, cinema and TV listings, live football scores – teletext was the internet of its day. 

But wait, it isn’t dead quite yet! 

Dan Farrimond and Simon Rawles will be on hand to help you create your own teletext pages for broadcast on the web service Teletext40 to celebrate the medium’s 40th birthday. We will provide all the tools you need to make your very own version of BamberBoozler or those cartoons from Digitiser, just bring yourself and some added creative juices! Check them out here: Teletext40 and here: Teletext Art 

Knitting at SuperByte

As something a little bit different for SuperByte, we’re doing some knitting, 8 bit style.

Artist Sam Meech will be developing knitted 8 bit artworks using the ultimate in retro gear – the 1970s punchcard knitting machine. Get hands on with the design and making process, designing a punchcard and add to the ultimate gaming-inspired fairisle.

This is a drop in workshop – come by for 5 minutes or hang out all day. You can find out more information here, and of course, come along on the Saturday of SuperByte and have a go yourself!

Synthetic Worlds at SuperByte 2014

Synthetic Worlds will be exhibiting and trading at SB2014!

Synthetic worlds create digital artwork by deconstructing virtual environments. They abstract the world of video games, presenting a behind the scenes, immersive visual experience. As well as presenting their work at SB2014, they’ll be selling art prints, t-shirts, posters and more as part of our market and art spaces. For more information on their work, be sure to check out their website.