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Nerdsynth at SuperByte

We’re stoked to confirm that the Nerdsynth will be making an appearance at SuperByte 2014!

The Nerdsynth is a new 8/16bit style synthesizer with a tracker user interface similar to LittleSoundDJ or the LittlePiggyTracker. It’s 6 audio tracks can be assigned to different real soundchips (like Commodores64s SID and others). Also there is a (at least 4 track) drum synthesizer with the ability to create enhanced drum sequences. Portability is the goal and it’s live mode and realtime assignable knobs make it stage compatible. There are many more features to come.

Not only will an early model of the Nerdsynth be played as part of the Open Stage, but the unit will be demonstrated and available to play with as part of our workshop programme.

For more information, check out the official website and come down on the day to have a go yourself.

SB2014 Open Stage Line Up Confirmed

We had a lot more applications than we expected and slots were initially full in just 6 minutes (!), but after a bit of juggling, we can now confirm that the following artists were successful in getting a slot at the SuperByte 2014 Open Stage.

The artists who got through are:

P.U.T. 90MPH D.C., Infotoxin, Luke Thompson, JoeBleeps, I Am Legendary Robot, Frau Holle aka firestARTer, bryface, J3wel, xyce, Seasons, Meth Pop, bubu, Otto Robotto, Auracle and Blenky.

Apologies to you guys who didn’t get slots. We had double the number of applications to places and there just weren’t enough to go around. Huge thanks to the artists who’d already performed in 2013 and gave up their slots so others could play – you guys rock. Full details of our Open Stage event are here. If you didn’t get through and are planning on attending anyway, let us know as we’ll be maintaining a reserves list in case any of the confirmed artists can’t make it. Our pre-party is going to be another great night – we can’t wait.

91 days to go.

Open Stage Sign Ups Are Live!

Sign ups for the SuperByte 2014 Open Stage are now live! We’ll have 15 slots available this year and we’ve made a few minor tweaks to the format that will (hopefully) make it even more awesome. More details are on this page.

Check out this pic of Men of Mega slaying the Open Stage in 2013, then get yourself signed up by filling in this form here.

Edit: The Open Stage is now full (in record time too). Wow. If you applied and made it, we’ll be in touch!

SuperByte and Tokyo Chipped present the SB2014 pre-party

Our pre-party and open stage event at Fab Cafe was a great success in 2013. We’ve decided to host another one, but this time alongside a Tokyo Chipped night.

Tokyo Chipped is a Manchester-based club night and collective who host semi-regular events at Fab Cafe. Having played host to some of the UK’s finest chip-artists themselves, it seemed only fitting that we jointly host the official pre-party event for SuperByte 2014 to create something even bigger and better for our next edition.

Alongside an extended open stage segment hosted by SuperByte, Tokyo Chipped’s resident DJ’s will provide the soundtrack until the small hours alongside retro gaming and more in this unique and decidedly awesome venue.