Following on from a killer performance in 2012, the mighty Dubmood return to the main stage at SuperByte 2014.

Dubmood is a Swedish chip music producer ex-pat in Marseilles with roots in the pre-internet software piracy scene. Long-time member of the infamous Razor 1911, active since 1996 and considered somewhat of a style-originator and reference in the chip music community, Dubmood has brought mainstream popularity to the genre and inspired hordes of kids to bring out their Game Boys and shout 8bit on the internet. In 2004, Dubmood left cyberspace to tour the world in different coalitions, founded Data Airlines and gained recognition as a popular producer and remixer. Dubmood’s music is best described as a dance floor-friendly fusion of 80s computer game music, IDM & Electro House with a lot of indie-rock & hip hop references.

Since 2011, to cope with the new sound of his Badlands EP trilogy and their long-awaited 2014 release Machine, Dubmood has expanded the line-up and is now performing live together with Maskinoperatör on Drums, Zabutom on Bass and Gem Tos on Guitar and Vocals.


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