equinoxe joins the SuperByte 2014 main stage line up!

equinoxe is a pseudonym for Liam Fretwell – an electronic musician and producer from Yorkshire, UK. Having started by programming music in BASIC on the C64, Liam progressed through making tracker sequences on octaMED on the Amiga before finally finding MIDI programming on PC in the form of Cubase.

A collector of vintage computers and consoles, Liam was determined to unleash their musical potential one day and that day came when he wrote the track that would become ‘Evolution (8-Bit Girl)’ in 2007. It took 3 years and a lot of revisions before the track became what it is today. The use of a Commodore 64 on the track was almost an afterthought until Liam realised that’s where he has begun, and he was mixing those sounds with an up-to-date sound on his computer. Evolution refers to the evolution of the technology behind his music.

In 2010 Liam released ‘Evolution (8-Bit Girl)’ as an album, self published through his personal website. With the help of friends word soon got around the various C64 blogs, websites and newsgroups and reviews came in fast. A limited edition pressing of 50 CD’s sold out fast and the album is still selling a respectable amount of digital downloads as of 2014. 2014 sees the release of ‘Memories in 8-Bit’, the follow up to ‘Evolution…’ and already the buzz has started!


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