Goto80 will perform live at SuperByte 2014!

*Photo by Karl Isakson

Goto80 is a lo-fi artist and researcher who has been called “the most prolific chip music artist” (Computer Music Magazine). Since his first steps in the demoscene in 1992 he has developed his own mix of pop, beats and craft. He is currently focusing on live improvisation and text graphics together with Raquel Meyers and they have performed at Transmediale and Bonniers Konsthall. Goto80 also runs the blog/label Chipflip, the text graphics research blog, and

Some noteworthy projects include Computer Rooms (photo book, 2013), The Ferret Show (performance, 2012), Datagården (custom teletext graveyard, 2013), the text mode ambience of 2SLEEP1 (2011), the falsetto salad-rock TV-performance (2010) and the eatable Acid Burger (2008). He has played/exhibited at Transmediale, MOMI in New York, Gogbot, Mapping Festival, Blip Tokyo, Hultsfred Festival and hundreds of other locations.


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