Needle Factory

Manchester-based noisemonger Needle Fac†ory joins the SuperByte 2014 lineup!

Starting out in the early 90s writing music for crack intros and gaming titles in the Amiga demoscene, Freddy Morgendorffer (Needle Factory) brings the tradition of chiptune, 8bit sampling and cracking group DIY punk ethos into the 21st century. After a year spent in a bunker with nothing but 100s of Amiga floppy disks, Needle Factory finally emerges with a brand new album which fires on all 8bit cylinders.

Having performed at Manchester Academy supporting the likes of Martin Rev (of SUICIDE) and Joe Black, as well as supporting Australian cyberpunk band AngelSpit on their 2012 UK Tour; Needle Factory has established a reputation for energetic live performances and a take-no-prisoners approach to audio programming.

Combining a brutal sound that is musical and concise with years of experience with outdated technology, Needle Factory will stop at nothing in assaulting SuperByte with passion with harsh, filthy, high energy, electro music.


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