Zero2Death Hosting Tournaments at SB2014

We’re happy to confirm a last minute addition to the SuperByte 2014 daytime activities – gaming tournaments hosted by Zero2Death!

Zero2Death are a relatively new team of competitive gaming event organisers based in Manchester. While they specialise mainly in the Smash Brothers series of games, they’ll be hosting a few informal tournaments on retro consoles at SuperByte 2014 on the Saturday afternoon. Visit their FaceBook page and throw them a ‘like’ to be kept up to date if you’re local to Manchester (or even if you’re not). Tournaments will take place in The Pub alongside our free-play gaming area hosted by RCM.

SB2014 Official Tee Design

Here it is, the official SuperByte 2013 tee design by KeFF.

We’ll be getting 100 of these printed and they’ll be available at the festival itself, then online afterwards if we have any left. Get them early.

WeeklyTreats – August 2014

We’re excited and happy to be curating August for the fantastic annual chipmusic project WeeklyTreats!

Each week for the next month, we’ll be presenting a new track from a SuperByte 2014 artist in the lead up to the festival along with information on the artist, and a little on why we picked them for that week.

Stay up to date by bookmarking the WeeklyTreats website or by following them on FaceBook here.

Dan Hett

A bit of a last minute announcement, but we’re stoked to welcome the awesome Dan Hett to the SuperByte lineup on pre-party visuals!

Hailing from the rainy streets of Manchester, Dan is a creative coder, visual artist, and all-round programming heretic who specialises in firing brightly-coloured flashing pixels directly into your retinas.

Mounting a one-man crusade against boring programming neckbeards (they’re just no fun), Dan causes colourful noisy trouble with his code at every opportunity: making videogames at extremely speeds, live-coding reactive visuals at raves, and generally destroying and rebuilding software until it does something interesting.

At the SuperByte pre-party Dan will be live-coding projected visuals completely from scratch, creating evolving visualisations powered by beats, bass and algorithms.


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8 Bit Lounge at SuperByte 2014

8 Bit Lounge will be in attendance at SuperByte 2014!

Alongside visual performances from resident visual artist Chromatouch, 8 Bit Lounge will be hosting a retro gaming space at the festival and provide DJs and tunes during the festival. If you’re in the Midlands we highly recommend that you check out their events at The Hare & Hounds in Birmingham – full details are here.