SuperByte 2014 is go

It barely feels like a week since the sheer awesome that was SuperByte 2013, yet here we are looking forward to our next edition. 2013 saw the festival expand from a one day event to three days, as well as enlisting the help of new friends including CalmDownKidder, The Retro Computer Museum and Jabez Clegg among others.

*Photo by SixEightThree

SuperByte 2014’s main event will take place on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th September 2014 at Jabez Clegg in Manchester. There’ll be pre and post party announcements, and we’ll also be launching our Kickstarter fund where you’ll be able to score discounted advance tickets, limited edition merchandise and much more.

Artist and other announcements will be starting on 1st November.

Time to start counting down.