Theremin Hero

Theremin Hero will perform live at SuperByte 2014!

Theremin Hero is Greig Stewart, a Glasgow based programmer and electronics enthusiast. Greig, who is more robot than human, began his musical career modding his instruments into game controllers. From theremin controlled Super Mario Bros to Laser Harp Hero, Greig has been invited to show his inventions at major gaming conferences such as Gamescom 2008, Game City 2010, and Eurogamer 2012. He also made it into the semi-finals of 2012’s Britain’s Got Talent with his Laser Harp.

Using the nostalgic retro sounds of the NES and GameBoy, Greig adds a new level of innovation to his music with the sounds of his theremin, interactive laser synths, and the new addition of the NESKeytar (yes, a NES that is also a keytar). If it doesn’t involve a difficult set up and at least a mile of cables, it’s not worth it for Greig. Who knows what his positronic brain will come up with next?


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