Trey Frey

Trey Frey will perform at SuperByte 2014!!!

Beginning producing music in 2010, Trey Frey quickly shot to relative fame on 8bitcollective with his brand of euphoric and masterfully-programmed chiptune, written using LSDJ on original Nintendo Gameboy DMGs.

Hailing from West Virginia (US), Trey went on to release two self-titled full lengths and an EP on Pxl-Bot, appearing on countless compilations and playing multiple festivals and shows across the US. More recently, Trey co-founded the label ‘TheBaseBit Recordings’ before releasing his third full length, ‘Refresh’, on the label. ‘Refresh’ contains many of the enraptured mixtures of electronic dance music and chiptune that led to his popularity to begin with, and marks a milestone as ‘TheBaseBit Recordings’ second ever release.


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