Ever wanted to learn to produce your own chiptune or brush up on your existing techniques and knowledge? Here’s your chance to learn from some of the world’s best micromusicians and visual artists.

Confirmed workshops:

We’re excited to confirm that Trey Frey will be delivering a workshop on LSDJ at this year’s SuperByte! He’ll be sharing some of his own personal tips and tricks as well as giving an overview of some of the software’s advanced capabilities.

Trey will be going over some advanced techniques in this workshop, so a little prior knowledge of LSDJ (particularly the basics and the interface) will be beneficial. If you’re completely new to the software, the tutorials online by Sabrepulse and Nullsleep are an invaluable resource.

Links: Trey Frey / LSDJ

SuperByte is pleased to be offering the workshop “8bit Sound Design in maxYMiser”, which covers the Atari ST’s YM2149 soundchip and creating sounds using the maxYMiser tracker on the Atari ST.

The workshop will be taken by Dr Gareth Morris, creator of maxYMiser, and known artisticaly as London-based chiptune legend gwEm. A little prior knowledge of tracking is assumed, but all the basics of the Atari ST will be covered.

Links: gwEm / maxYMiser

In this part theory, part practice workshop, hellocatfood will take you through a brief history of glitches, noise, and their impact on art, music and popular culture. The practical side of the workshop will delve into the common techniques utilised by glitch artists, such as hacking codecs, modifying hardware and repurposing commonly used software.

For the practical part of the workshop you’ll need a laptop/computer (Mac/Windows/Linux) with the following software installed: GIMP, Audacity & a  good text editor such as Notepad++, Text Edit or Gedit.

Depending on time and interest from participants, we may be able extend software covered. If possible, please have installed: Processing, Pure Data, ffmpeg/libav, Imagemagick, Inkscape & Blender.

All of the software required for this workshop is freely available, and there’ll also be some toys on hand for you to experiment with.

Links: hellocatfood

Artist Sam Meech will be developing knitted 8 bit artworks using the ultimate in retro gear – the 1970s punchcard knitting machine. Get hands on with the design and making process, designing a punchcard and add to the ultimate gaming-inspired fairisle.

This is a drop in workshop – come by for 5 minutes or hang out all day.

Links: Knitting Digital

Remember when you had access to whole magazines on your television screen at the touch of a button? Quizzes hosted by pixellated presenters, cinema and TV listings, live football scores – teletext was the internet of its day. 

But wait, it isn’t dead quite yet! 

Dan Farrimond and Simon Rawles will be on hand to help you create your own teletext pages for broadcast on the web service Teletext40 to celebrate the medium’s 40th birthday. 

We will provide all the tools you need to make your very own version of BamberBoozler or those cartoons from Digitiser, just bring yourself and some added creative juices! 

Links: Teletext40 // Teletext Art 

Getting Involved

You don’t need to pre-book for workshops this year – just come along on the day. For workshop timings and a full schedule, look here.

Our 2014 workshops will take place on the Saturday afternoon of SuperByte and will be held at:

Sandbar, 120 Grosvenor Street, Manchester, M1 7HL