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Rymdkraft heads to the UK this September to make his SuperByte main stage debut!

Hailing from Sweden, Rymdkraft has been making crazy-happy chiptunes, bitpop and blipblop tunes since way back. Originally from a C64 and Atari background, his music is heavily influenced by classic video games and consoles as well as the demoscene. Expect happiness in a very, very upbeat form.


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Danimal Cannon

Danimal Cannon joins the SuperByte 2015 lineup!

*Photo by Thomas Dougherty

Danimal Cannon is a musician, producer, composer and a recording engineer. He’s best known for his majestic guitar shredding over intricately designed gameboy beats. Danimal Cannon has performed for audiences all across the world in venues as grandiose as orchestra halls to punk rock shows in sweaty basements. His diversity and creativity is only surpassed by the intensity of his arrangements and performances.


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We’re happy to announce that minusbaby will be performing at SuperByte 2015!

*Photo by Ben Mason

New York’s minusbaby has performed in, on and around the Earth’s hemispheres several times. He has appeared on PBS, MTV, in a Burton Snowboards commercial, “Bit.Trip.FATE” and shipped a pixel art video game with Chris Osborn and Mark Essen named “F.R.E.S.H.”. He’s covered the Beatles, DEVO, the “Halo” theme for 343 Industries/Microsoft with crashfaster and remixed a c418 tune for 2 Player Productions’ “Minecraft” documentary soundtrack. He has and continues to collaborate with members of world-famous bands and some of the founders of hip-hop. minusbaby represents 8bitpeoples to the fullest, co-runs monobomb records, has a bodacious boombox from 1978 and has been retweeted by Ladybug Mecca. What’s truly important, though, is his love of bass and how it moves butts.


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It Begins

Welcome to the new SuperByte website for 2015. It barely feels like minutes since the SuperByte 2014 closing party, but it’s already time to start work on 2015’s edition which will run from Thursday 10th to Sunday 13th of September, 2015

*Photo by Chiptography

Please bear with us as we confirm stuff and add content over the coming months. Artist announcements begin on the 15th of December and we’re incredibly excited to start revealing these to you guys. We’re not Kickstarting the festival this year (we figure that by year 4 you’re established, right?), so instead we’ll have a limited number of cheaper early bird tickets available which you can buy now, to be dispatched in the New Year.

Time to get hyped!