About SuperByte

SuperByte is a weekend long chiptune, low-tech and 8 bit arts festival in Manchester from Thursday 10th to Sunday 13th September 2015.

The festival launched in 2012 as a one day chiptune & retro gaming event in Manchester. In 2013 the event expanded to 3 days and included an open stage & pre-party event, plus two solid evenings of live chiptune, visual arts and 8 bit/low-tech inspired music from an array of international artists; from the UK, Europe, America and Australia.

2014 saw SuperByte expand to four days in total, presenting another international and acclaimed line up, an array of workshops and hosting what many artists and attendees called the most successful SuperByte so far.

SuperByte is a celebration of all things low-tech, DIY and lo-fi, where nostalgia takes a back seat and forward-thinking creativity is encouraged through limitation. Visual artists and musicians use vintage technology and retro gaming hardware to produce mind-blowing audio and visual spectacles which defy the limits of the hardware and create an immersive experience that expands and improves with every edition.

As well as live music and visual art, SuperByte hosts a varied programme of other activities including workshops, retro gaming expos and free-play areas, exhibitions and galleries and much more.

*Photo by SixEightThree

More than just a music festival, we’re working to create a grass roots community of like minded people within the UK and beyond; and to provide a platform for networking, and the sharing of ideas and skills. While showcasing the work of some of the amazing local and international musicians and artists within the chipmusic community, we’re always working to attract new audiences to this exciting and unique style of music and art and create a great party atmosphere.

SuperByte is hosted by AnalogueTrash (Manchester) & CalmDownKidder (Liverpool) and is an 18+ event. SuperByte 2015 is part-funded by Arts Council England.