Artist Spotlight: King Wine

Our next Artist Spotlight is here; this time with J3WEL catching up with the ever-wonderful King Wine for a chat.

Tell us a bit about yourself, where are you from and how long have you been writing music for?

King Wine is the best band in the world. We are from a seaside town called Ayr, in Scotland, but we hang out in Glasgow a lot. We’ve been writing music as King Wine since the middle of 2013, but we’ve been making stuff separately for a while before that.

How do you make your music, what software/hardware do you use to make your signature sound and why?

We use a Gameboy and LSDJ to make the basis of all of our songs. Then we add vocals, and after that, whatever we want. Sometimes Ruthie will play ukulele or Craig will play bass guitar, but sometimes we’ll just jump around with tambourines or the little blower things you get at kids parties. We don’t want to limit ourselves.

Who are your main influences (if any) and what/who sparked your passion for creating music?

We are really influenced by the very good band, ‘King Wine.’ We really inspire ourselves to keep being the greatest performers that ever lived and be nice all the time. We started and continue to make music so that we can have fun with our friends.

How are you feeling about performing at SuperByte this year?

We are extremely excited! Craig has been going since the very first year, so it will be cool to finally be on the stage instead of being asked to stop sweating all over the front of it. Our live performances are normally the best audio-visual experience in the entire universe. At Superbyte 2015… imagine something even better than that.