After smashing visuals at 2014’s pre-party, bitrituals will return to SuperByte 2015 on the main stage!

Hailing from the rainy streets of Manchester, bitrituals (Dan Hett) is a visual artist, creative coder, software destroyer and all-round computer heretic. He specialises in firing vibrant strobing pixels directly into retinas, mostly by writing monstrous amounts of shitty code at very high speeds until something colourful comes out.

As a one-man crusade against boring programming neckbeards, bitrituals causes colourful noisy trouble with code at every opportunity: writing videogames at extremely speeds, live-coding glitchcore visuals for hours at a time, and generally destroying and rebuilding the guts of his computer until it does something interesting – then usually throwing it away (the code, not the computer).

After hitting the SuperByte pre-party last year, bitrituals will be back in 2015 to destroy eyeballs from the main stage. He’ll be livecoding algorithmic audio-reactive visuals completely from scratch, powered by beats, bleeps and bass.

As well as performing at SuperByte, bitrituals will also be delivering a workshop of live coded visuals as part of SB2015’s expo segment.