Retro Gaming

SuperByte features retro gaming installations available all weekend for your perusal; hosted by some of the UK’s brightest and best retro gaming clubs and societies.

*Photo by Roseanna Hanson

The Saturday afternoon and early evening of SuperByte 2015 features an expanded gaming installation and free play area hosted by The Retro Computer Museum – a registered charity dedicated to the benefit of the public for the preservation, display and public experience of computer and console systems from the 1960′s onwards. They’ll be bringing a wide selection of consoles and kit up to SuperByte, ranging from popular favourites through to some rarities; and of course including some epic multi-player setups.

Our main retro gaming space will be held on the Saturday afternoon and early evening at:

The Pub, 126 Grosvenor Street, Manchester, M1 7HL

We’lll also be hosting smaller retro gaming spaces around the other festival events.

Zero2Death will be joining us once more and hosting a range of informal and ad-hoc tournaments on the Saturday afternoon.