We’re delighted to announce that Ultrasyd will return to SuperByte in 2015!

*Photo by Chiptography

Ultrasyd is a chiptune and demoscene artist. He likes to make music for the Amstrad CPC, C64, Amiga or Game Boy, but lately his favorite tool has clearly become the Atari STe. He composes oldschool and funky chiptunes, reggae-ish chipstep and electro-house, with a good balance of sweet melodies, punchy bassline and sharp beats.

Plus! He is often seen with a DSLR camera, and has been shooting chiptune artists since 2011 in North America, Tokyo, and various European countries. As well as performing on the main stage, Ultrasyd will present a special exhibition of his photographic work at our Expo & Art Space.


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